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We humans were once an evolving species, living in caves without water, electricity or even furniture.
Friday December 02, 2022
Two Key Factors That Sell a Home: Location and Price
They say that the two most important factors in selling a home are location and price. Let’s unpack what that means.
Friday December 02, 2022
Save Thousands When You Sell Your Home With Zown
Selling your home is a big decision—but it doesn't have to be a costly one.
Thursday December 08, 2022
Can Technology Replace Real Estate Agents?
Let’s look at how technology is impacting the job of a real estate agent and what these changes mean for the future of this industry.
Monday December 19, 2022
A Guide to Different Types of Mortgages
Learn about different mortgage loans and discover which works best for you.
Tuesday January 03, 2023
The Benefits of Co-Ownership in Real Estate Investing
Can Co-Ownership Be The Right Fit For You?
Saturday January 14, 2023
Government of Canada Holds Back Foreign Ownership of Homes
Is denying foreign buyers from owning Canadian real estate the smartest move?
Wednesday January 25, 2023
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