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Home selling. Simplified.
Selling your home has never been this easy
It’s a lot easier than you think
Zown empowers homesellers to make informed decisions and sell
their homes for the highest possible price using technology.
Enter in your address
Follow our 3-step selling process
Receive offers, close & celebrate!
Zown’s Beginner Guide
Our selling process
Pricing & Timing
We increase the likelihood of your home being sold by giving you the best price and time to put your home up for sale.
Verifying Property Details
Details about your property will be auto filled. Simply review and confirm.
Schedule Staging & Confirm
Pick when you would like our staging consultant to visit your home and you’re all done. We take over from here.
Are you prepared to sell your home? Get your free home AI valuation.
Here’s How We

Value your home

Discover how our advanced home value forecast empowers you to determine the worth of your home today, tomorrow, and even a year from now.

Price your home

Discover how we use data to set the perfect price for your home and attract the most offers. Get ready to sell your home for the most!

Time your home

Find out how we analyze active buyers and new listings to determine the perfect time to list your home. Maximizing its exposure and capturing the most attention.

Market your home

Discover how our package offers everything and more than a traditional realtor, at a lower cost. Plus, you only pay after your home is sold. Find out how we redefine value in real estate.

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