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General FAQs

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Type in your address to get your instant home valuation and schedule your agent visit. Once our agent visits your home, we will take care of everything from photography to floor plans to your “For Sale” sign. Zown will get your home ready for listing and help you through the entire process until closing.

Our platform offers a premium, flat fee listing service. We charge 80% lower than the industry standard commissions while giving newly added features such as instant online home valuations, 3D home tours, floor plans and online progress tracking. We take care of you, all the way from start to sold. Want to know the best part? Only pay us after we sell your home, we offer our entire service for free without any hidden charges.

$4,999 flat fee. No matter the price, location or square feet of your home, our fee stays the same. We will also negotiate the 2.5% commission from the buyer agent’s side as well, helping put more money in your pockets.

Payment is only due after sold at closing. Until then, you will receive our entire service for free!

No, it’s our Artificial Intelligence valuation. Our tool uses over 600 different data points to give you the most accurate valuation, but it doesn’t guarantee it will be sold for exactly that price.

You just need to own a property in Ontario, Canada.

Our real estate agents take care of you while our technology takes care of the rest. They make sure your home is marketed right with the best photos, priced right to get the best offers and help you with closing the best offer

The real estate agent will make sure all the legal paper work, financial transfer and signing of documents from the buyer side is handled to perfection, so you can sit back, relax and celebrate your win!

We hope to sell your home in 30 days.

After 30 days if we haven’t sold your property, you can cancel your listing.

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